Responding to Freedom

In der 15 minütigen "Performance Responding to freedom" treffen zwei Performerinnen (Franziska Gerth und Caroline Asal) mit der Live Musikerin Natascha Meißner aufeinander. Die Performance basiert auf dem Fachartikel von Danielle Goldmann "I want to be ready, Improvised dance as a practice of freedom" und beschäftigt sich mit der Frage:" How can we be free in a tight place?"

Die Performance wurde auf der studiobühne im Rahmen des 15-Minutenfestivals präsentiert.


Act responsible. Act responding to what is now, with our body, our soul, our way of moving. Meeting each other, the two performers are asking for responses of our momentary situation in society on planet earth and showing fragments of ongoing questions and answers, improvising and interacting with the musician in space.

„The political question then is not how to find a resolution. It is not how to impose a resolution. It is how to keep the intensity of what is coming next.“ 

Letting go of what we know and jumping into the perspective of a child while improvising, gives us the opportunity to see the world as it is, not as we want it to be. An interactive performative journey discovering the creative act as a practice of freedom.

Movement: Caroline Asal and Franziska Gerth

Music: Natascha - Irina Meißner




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