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The project "Metamorphosis" is an eight days training course for trauma sensitive creative work  that took place in Germany, from 22th to 30th of November 2022. The approach of the training is based on experiential and somatic learning

It was designed for youth workers, trainers, educators, NGO leaders, and more generally for people who are willing to:

– Explore the creative potential of the body through dance improvisation and theater
– Get involved in the creative process of developing a ressource oriented performance
– Learn about trauma, its causes, manifestations and handling
– To engage in an experience based learning process which involves a holistic examination of oneself




During this experience based training course we were:

- Exploring the creative potential of the body through dance improvisation, somatic methods and theater
- Learning creative tools how develop of a resource-oriented performance with youngsters
- Learning about the trauma research of Peter Levine 
- Exploring techniqes for self- regulation/ stress reduction (yoga, mindfulness and meditation)


Antonio Cargnello (Ita)
Antonio is an appassionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He regularly facilitates workshops, for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.

Caroline Asal (Ger)
As a cultural pedagoge, dance and yogateacher she is working with kids, teenagers, young adults and seniors in order to support them to get in contact with themselves and their vitality. Body awareness, authentic ways of expression and emotional work is the main focus of her work.
Strongly inspired by rituals of indigenous people, she loves to create and facilitate community based rituals in order to awake awareness, connection  and authentic expression.






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