Pre- Violence 

a holistic training course for prevention of violence


The international training course was hosted by EDEN. together with Teatro Invisibile and IPTA inside the frame of the Erasmus+ program and took place from 8th  to 17th of November 2022 in Todtmoos, Germany.

Pre-Violence is a 8-day training course which aims at supporting a network of 24 youth workers from 8 countries to promote a preventive approach on conflicts and violence among their beneficiaries. We promote this project as an experiential, non-conventional, playful and inclusive initiative which stimulates a deeper understanding of violence and a strengthened international cooperation in this field. 

This training was designed for youth workers, trainers, educators, NGO leaders, and more generally for people who are willing to:
- Upgrade their tools in a way that would allow them to recognise, prevent and counter a wider range of violent behavioral patterns in their work.
- Explore behavioral patterns and defense mechanisms
- Engage in an holistic learning process based on cognitive, kinesthetic and emotional exploration.
- Develop a multiapproach understanding of the concept of violence and how the violent behavioral patterns are triggering aggressions, misuse and ritualic violence.



Pre-Violence is a playful and experiential working week with a wide range of methods, from research-based tasks to fully artistic sessions, guided in a safe learning space. We were mixing text reading, meditation, contact improvisation, body expressivity and communication, analysis, reflection, trauma research, emotional expression through theatre, empathic approach through movement, introspection, trust making and trust challenges and community growth.





Branzas Beniamin Viorel (Ru)

Beniamin has eight years of experience in non-formal education in local and international context (EU and non-EU countries), was assistant lecturer in the Academia for three years. Designed and delivered multiple methods and activities on active citizenship, youth participation, prevention against addictions, social inclusion, community development, conflict management, gender topics, campaigning, project management. 

Antonio Cargnello (Ita)

Antonio is an appassionate trainer who loves to craft experiences for self development, group awareness, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. He regularly facilitates workshops, for teenagers, students, youth workers and adults, using and mixing his expertise and experiences from theatrical improvisation, contemporary dance, martial arts and contact improvisation.

Caroline Asal (Ger)

As a cultural pedagoge, dance and yogateacher she is working with kids, teenagers, young adults and seniors in order to support them to get in contact with themselves and their vitality. Body awareness, authentic ways of expression and emotional work is the main focus of her work. Strongly inspired by rituals of indigenous people, she loves to create and facilitate community based rituals in order to awake awareness, connection and authentic expression.






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