The project ”Natur-Ally“ is an eight days Erasmus+ training course, from 7th to 16th of April 2024. 

Natur-Ally  aims to create a flowing setting that explores the principles of learning by connecting with nature (inner and outside nature) as a limitless guide. The program encourages slowing down, being present, embracing authenticity, and rediscovering our natural rhythm through keen observation of our surroundings.

 The advantages of nature-based mindfulness techniques have an impact on the central and vegetative neural systems, boosting vitality and creativity over time, lowering stress, enhancing memory, and enhancing a sense of belonging.

With this initiative, we want to incorporate all of this into youth work and empower it with all of the benefits of these methodologies, which are also appropriate for a larger involvement of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and support a sustainable approach towards education activities and daily life.

With the term “nature” we refer to a dual meaning, encompassing both our intrinsic human qualities, such as body, psyche, emotions and and the external environment with its natural phenomena. It signifies the interconnection between our inner selves and the ever-changing world that surrounds us. In acknowledging this apparent duality, we embrace a holistic perspective, recognizing that understanding our internal nature is inseparable from comprehending the complexities of the external world.


1. Improve youth workers’ knowledge and skills about Movement, Nature-based mindfulness and the benefits for young people
2. Increase the motivation and inspiration of youth workers to work effectively with enthusiasm and empathy.
3. Implement  follow-up action plans with young people in the countries involved.
4.Implementing Body-based and Nature-based mindfulness methodology in youth work of all partners organisations.

In this context we have created “Natur-Ally” which aims to improve well-being, adaptability and resilience of 28 youth workers who in turn will be able to create spaces for the positive development of young people, making use of mindfulness interventions through the nature-based approach. Much research shows that mindfulness contributes to cognitive development, skills and performance

                                                                                 Working methods:

– Dance, Dance, Dance

– Movement and Nature based activities

– Somatic and kinesthetic learning, holistic based education and body expression

– Contact Improvisation, Playfight, Theatrical scores

– Colorful nuances of Yoga, The Art of Doing Nothing

– Experiencing daily Yogic practices as a tool for strengthening community awareness and responsibility

– Early morning challenges

– Movement-Breath-Meditation, energizing the body mind system.




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